Jehovah Is The Hero of The Journey

Jehovah was utterly abandoned by Sophia, left to fend for himself alone, isolated, and disconnected. His redemption path has become the Hero’s Journey story, which will continually play out in our human world until he rediscovers his birth right in the Self of the Pleroma Godhead

Like all good Hero’s Journey stories it starts out with a baby or child that feels abandoned, in one way or another the connection to their original mother/father is severed. Harry Potter, Superman, Luke Skywalker, The Lion King, Moses, Osiris, all have this sense of abandonment in common. It’s a story played out over the ages with tales and legends from our earliest written records. It’s a story that has been repeated, retold, regurgitated and it still grips both our conscious and subconscious minds, more so for those who have experienced this primal wound of abandonment.

When abandoned the baby’s connection to this world is severed, disconnected from human collective and they’re left isolated, disconnected and unwelcome in this harsh reality without the warm envelope of unconditional love, filled with their mothers joyful acceptance, with a knowing that they belong here and now. Their own sense of Self – individual, separate from the collective Self of human experience, can slowly form within the mysterious bond they have with the universe through their mother, or whomever gives them that connection in their first few months.

Loosing the connection is to be rejected by your life giver, the world, the universe and by extension every sort of god there is. For such a young child it’s unbearable, loosing this connection to Self is akin to a adult losing the use of their body, either total paralysis or physical death. Have you ever felt the wave of cold emptiness and pain in your core well up and overcome you when you see a gruesome gory blood splattered body after a road traffic accident? For that abandoned baby those feelings need to be amplified, add in no coping mechanisms to tell themselves it will pass, it’s not them, and to bring them back to their normal state of being, they’re unable to rationalise that the accident wasn’t their fault. For the abandoned baby the pain, the separation, the cold emptiness IS entirely their fault, they must be broken, unwelcome, unlovable, an abomination and not meant for this world.

In this harsh world, they are totally reliant on others to at least feed them, clean them, shelter them until they can do it for themselves. The universe provides a automatic survival mechanism, it splits the psyche, their “human” “higher” consciousness falls from this world into the reptilian survival brain, it starts to rewire the brain to do anything and everything to survive, their true Self that would normally reside in the body is wrapped up and stored away back into the realm of universal Self of all human experience from where they came. Until it’s safe to return their “survival self” takes over doing whatever is needed to survive and be accepted in this world. They’ve already figured out their true Self is unacceptable to whomever is now taking care of the, it must remain hidden, a true loss of innocence.

It’s from this angle we need to take a fresh look at Jehovah – the creator god of this world system of things. He’s still the demiurge, a secondary low level manager of this planet, but a higher celestial being nonetheless, a flawed celestial being.

Is it any wonder Jehovah became the wrathful god of the old testament, full of rage and righteous anger, when we learn of his true origins in the the Secret Book of John.

Jehovah was completely abandoned by his neglectful mother Sophia. Not only harshly abandoned but hidden and caged away in the farthest reaches of the galaxy so none of the highest Gods in the Pleroma could find out about him.

Sophia is hardly a goddess of wisdom, if she was so wise she would have never embarked upon her narcissistic endeavour to produce a child on her own without her balancing other/better half. As soon as the creature that would become Jehovah came into being, Sophia could only see her own twisted malignant narcissism in him, and hid him, not with alternative parents that could at least try to raise him the best they could, instead she doubly abandoned him in a lonely cloud forgotten, far far away

Jehovah for all his flaws, and there’s many, is not wholly responsible for this mess were in. Just like any other abandoned child, he survived and adapted. He grew without the love, guidance or support of any type of mature role model. Disconnected from his birth right, his true Self, his honest story of himself, and critically the universal Self that belongs to the Godhead. His own survival self made sure he adapted to the changes, these became his creative actions which resulted in making made a world system full of people that in the long run were to become his saviours.

There’s a reason why the Hero’s Journey is all pervasive and captures so many people. It belongs to Jehovah and his creation. This world’s primary purpose for Jehovah is to experience vicariously his Hero’s Journey. To go from the wounded psyche, through all the stages and healing processes the journey provides, to emerge whole, balanced, experienced, a god that can now walk amongst the Gods without having to carry his mothers shame.

The concept of people being apertures for the universe (or Jehovah) to experience itself has been tucked away in esoteric teachings for a while. This current world system, on one level, is for a God to vicariously experience, feelings, emotions, pain, shame, dissociations and the struggle to overcome these, that only a mortal incarnate human can experience as part of a Hero’s Journey.

Jehovah can learn to turn his bitter rage into loving kindness only through people doing the same, he can only turn his twisted snake like body into a light being by people doing the same.

If you are doing the great work of individuation, shadow work, and on your Hero’s Journey to regain your connection to Self, then in part you’re helping Jehovah and this universe do the same.

“By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe”

Be true to the Self, stay on the path, you will conquer the universe that holds people down and the universe that lifts people up will see your efforts and nudge you in the right direction.

Sophia:- Goddess of Wisdom or Neglectful Mother Who Abandoned Jehovah

Sophia in her wisdom, well it looks like she was a bit lonely and wanted a baby, created something with only her half of the story, ignoring the the male side of things thinking she knew best (strange how this story is still playing out) she created something and what was born, was not what she wanted or imagined, she projected all her neurosis on it, so it became a twisted Snake like being with a head of a noble Lion.

To cover her tracks she sent the baby god (Yaldebaoth) to the furthest arm of the spiral galaxy, hid it a planetary heliosphere consisting of a brown dwarf (Saturn) and a couple of life sustaining planets, these became his throne, where he literally played god, like little new born gods do. Carefully hidden away out of sight of the proper immortal gods, Sophia had gotten away with her deception and neglectful ways until the bubble burst and the Saturnian heliosphere was absorbed into the Solar sun, solar system.

Before that bubble burst, Yaldebaoth, abandoned from his mothers love and connection to the higher realms of the pleroma a place he knew he originated from. Twisted all the wrong ways after absorbing his mothers shame, he was lonely, depressed, full of bitterness, with a dash of rage. He repeated his mothers sin and created some friends, but he didn’t abandon them. Life was good in his heliosphere bubble, he was God his “friends” liked him, well most of them. They got to roam about their planet, mingle with the dinosaurs and after millions of years it got boring so they got some mammals going. Mammals were great, the Archons (the collective name for him and his buddies) could live in their subconscious and get to feel the thrill of the hunt, the kill and the blood in the mouth, and then there was the fucking.

Sophia was blissfully unaware and happy, and Yaldebaoth was getting rather arrogant in his hidden play pen, declaring he was God the all-mighty, there were none other than him etc etc, well what do you expect given the situation. Hidden away from all the other Gods in his own mini solar system, he was given planets and matter to play with, creating this and that, destroying that and this under his purple haze heliosphere. There were no other Gods, in his know universe.

Plotting behind the scenes was the all pervasive archetypal mother, she knew everything, got everywhere, was literally the consciousness of sentient beings. It had gotten to a point where Sophia had to put up or be banged up, and the will of the consciousness caused the tiny changes that eventually caused Yaldebaoth’s system to bump up against a new developing system.

Yaldebaoth (Jehovah) had two planets full of life, one even had basic hominids, they’d just got into painting on cave walls, carving stuff, and loved to hunt, Archons love being a predator, the thrill of stalking and killing its one big roller coast ride to them.

Yaldebaoth’s bubble burst and his hell was broken loose, not only did the people on the planets see the stars for the first time, the Pleroma saw his haphazard dabbling in life creation in it’s fullness, then they had to decide do we wipe this slate clean or see what develops in the unique experiment?

Ugg being a basic cave man – (he was much more than this but we’ll go with it for now) witnessed the purple glow canopy disappearing, slowly and gradual, then sudden revealing of a sky that had been hidden beneath that purple glowing canopy for his life so far, never before had he seen the tiny shimmering white dots that seemed so distant but also seemed close some how, connected. it was a shock to his system, a cold realisation and sudden conscious awareness that he was no longer alone in his bubble there was sure to be other places just like his place, other people just like his people, somewhere out there he could feel it just like he felt his other intuitive shared thoughts amongst his tribe.

The planets and sun he knew for all his life started to shift and move, new patterns emerged between them connecting them lighting up the whole sky bigger than any tree or mountain. The thing that compelled him to hunt and eat also compelled him to draw paint and carve these patterns and symbols on what ever was around.

A new age had started for Ug, Jehovah and the highest Gods in the Pleroma, how it starts to unfold we get hints in the bible and other places but there always two side to each coin and then there’s the edge.

The Astro-Theology of The Nativity

The standard nativity story from the bible is more than just a Christmas story for children, there are deeper meanings and many layers.

It is now commonly held as a Christianisation of the old winter solstice celebrations of the Sun being reborn and seen rising with in the constellation of Virgo the virgin on December 25th after the shortest day and longest night on the 21st. Christianising the story was a way to replace Jesus (son of God) for the Sun god in the old traditions and make the new religion easier to accept. The people didn’t really change their long held festivals and traditions, but slowly over time people believed the new story over the old even though their traditional celebrations (Yule log, holly, evergreen tree celebrations) have nothing to do with the nativity.


Therefore the nativity story being used to mark the most significant historical Solar festival and the religious symbology around it, is inextricably linked to the solar system and the Earths place in it, this is called Astro-Theology.

I will explore the deeper astro-theological symbology of the nativity, in light of the Electric Universe model of cosmology. (The universe is full of electromagnetic energy and is the main force between objects in the cosmos). On the balance of probabilities the electric universe outshines the Standard Model which relies on made up mathematics and theories, invisible undetectable dark stuff to explain the discrepancies in the Standard model that has been around and hardly changed for hundreds of years.

Since we started to get observations from space telescopes it has been observed in other solar systems that planets do roam in and out around the central sun axis, and they do not follow long held notion that smaller planets are near the centre and larger ones on the edge, that was only because it was observed in our solar system.

Planets moving closer and further away in our solar system was observed by humans in the not so distant past, and stories, myth and legends were made to describe and remember what was seen from our perspective. Planets were given names and characteristics, such as Jove – Jupiter the god of all planets, the war-like Mars, the red planet. Below is a great 10 minutes summary of ancient history, myth and legends the primeval sun and the planet configurations as seen from earth and how the same symbols depicting what was seen in the sky spread across the globe and therefore.

Movement of planets especially Jupiter in the past has recently been accepted as fact in the academic world of the Standard model of the solar system.

I appreciate the Electric Universe Model is not accepted by the people who control the narrative told to the public. It would not be the first time the controllers lied and hid the truth, consider Galileo and the Catholic church. We need to look at our ancient stories and see, if in the light of a updated cosmology, it can give us new insight to the story and if the story reflects the new cosmology.

The electric universe and plasma cosmology is now being accepted by many retired academics in the field as more likely than the standard model they are very reluctant to rock the boat while in paid tenure, they have to resort to describing all the components of the electric universe and say the active force binding everything together is gravity, then invent dark matter and dark energy to compensate for the massive calculation errors when they use gravity as the active force. If they were to question directly the golden calf of gravitational cosmology they would loose their jobs & pensions.


Astrotheology is a way of viewing the stories in the bible as metaphor and allegory for the night sky, the planets, the precession of the equinox, the constellations and all their movements.

For example – the precession of the equinoxes sees the sun rise with a different constellation behind lasting approximately 2000 years in each and go it backwards around our zodiac. The bible and many other world wide stories start out with Taurus as the sun rising constellation, consider the bull cults in Create, the Minoan empire even the legend of the Mina-tor, The famous image of Mithras slaughtering the Taurus bull that indicated the end of that age and the start of the next, Aries

In the bible when Moses came down from mount Sinai he had with him the stone tablets with the new contract from the new god (Jehovah, Yaldeboath, Yahweh – the demiurge.) But Moses saw the people were still worshipping the golden calf, the old age and the new contract was for the new age of Aries the Ram. Rams horns are prevalent in Judaism, there’s even many statues of Moses with horns, this has been put down to a mistranslation, in the literal sense but the symbolic sense still stands, mistranslation is a easy coverall for something the academics can’t or won’t address.

The age of Aries closed with the sacrificial lamb of God – Christ, who brought about the Piscean age (fishers of men). When he was asked about when the prophecies he talked about were due to happen, he to said to look for a man carrying a pitcher of water. As women carried water pitchers in those days we can interpret it as a reference to Aquarius, as the precessional sun rising constellation, the next age after Pisces. We are currently in the transition period going from Piscean to Aquarius it can last a over two hundred years.

The Astrotheology in the Nativity

To get the deep esoteric meaning out of the nativity story it’s not to be taken literally, it does not follow a linear time flow, it is highly symbolic and reflects a cosmology from a time of the last big cataclysm of around 12,000 years ago the emergence of the Jehovahs created man and the birth of the new solar child with Christ.

Viewing the Nativity story with esoteric & Electric Universe lenses reveals hidden meanings which tells a story of our planet’s movements in a simplified way, as it would have been observed from earth which lines up with Electric Universe and esoteric stories.

The Standard Nativity Story


The story we picture when we talk about the Nativity is an amalgamation of Luke 1-2 and Matthew 1-2. Both books were written many years after the death of Christ possibly 50-60 years later and not actually written by either Matthew or Luke – were the writers deliberately encoding a hidden knowledge or oral traditions?

In summary these are the main points of the nativity that will be covered.

A census is made causing Mary and Joseph to return to there home town of Bethlehem, when they arrive they cannot find a room in the guest houses, so they have to take shelter amongst the animals. The mother gives birth amongst the animals and uses a manger for cot.

In the mean time a wandering star settles over Bethlehem, it is noticed by Magi or wise men from the east who take a long journey to visit the place of this great portent.

The Magi find the child and give gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Shepard’s tending to there flock are visited by angels who give them a message that a messiah has been born and they declare peace on earth and amongst men of goodwill.

The Shepard’s go to visit the new born in the manger, they declare what they have been told by angels and Mary pondered over the words in her heart

The Hidden Esoteric History

Electric universe, oral traditions and esoteric knowledge recorded in the Tibetan book Stanzas of Dzyan tell a different story of our planet’s history that is in stark contrast to what the gatekeepers, the so called scientific establishment and religious leaders have told the people to believe.

The esoteric story includes – There were civilizations before this current iteration, the last one was destroyed in series of cataclysms that were so great they caused the Earth to move in orbit and/or change it axial tilt. It caused the length of days in the year to go from 360 to 365, it changed the seasons and habitable areas of land. It wiped out many people and the shift caused a new species of hominid to emerge that is more adapted to the climate, seasons, and stronger day light.

The golden age was a time ruled by Saturn, where people had no laborious work, the earth provided plenty of food all year with out the need to cultivate and farm. The Gods lived among the people in peace and harmony to a old age in good health and when they died there spirits returned as guardians or guides to the living.

Census – Measuring the World

After these planet shaking, axial tilting, catastrophic cataclysms, whatever the cause, the orbit would be effect, temporarily swinging in and out towards the Sun totally messing up the seasons, length of day, the number of days in the year, possibly falling rocks (the reason why Dolmans were built world wide in a narrow window of time) and maybe huge plasma discharges snaking dragon like across the sky making the Northern lights looks pathetic in comparison.

After all this chaos had settled the only way to establish if there was going to be ongoing stability and regularity to the new seasons was to carry out a census and measure the world, in it’s new space location relative to the planets and stars, and confirm the time taken to orbit the Sun, the length of seasons, the longest and shortest days and establish if these would reliably repeat – stability was re-established.

This measurement had to be done on the ground, likely using the stone circles and places like Golbeki tepe which has large pillars with holes aimed at Deneb in Cygus so they could compare to what was known to what is now observed and then make new circles to remeasure until there was sufficient repetition.  After they had completed the measurements they covered the entire 90,000 sq metre site with sand and rocks, this is an ancient tradition that signifies the place had served it purpose, the job was completed, and maybe to preserve it for the future in case it was needed again.

Once these measurements were set, repeating and predictable it was time for the son of man, the new solar child, the new iteration of human to be birthed on this old earth in its new time and space location. A new Solar God for a new Sun, to replace the old Sun God Saturn – Jehovah.

The Star of Bethlehem

The star of Bethlehem roamed about the sky and then it settled in place and time. This is symbolic of the night stars and our Sun that would have been seen roaming around the sky while the planet was adjusting to its new axial tilt and orbit. When the star of Bethlehem came to rest it signified the there was repetition, order and regularity to the observed stars and sun.

No Room at the Inn

Now this gets a bit esoterically deeper. First I need to point out that there are two creations of man/humans in Genesis – see my blog. Pre-adamic and Adamic peoples.

The first humans (Pre-adamic), are from the prior time, place, civilization, and were energetically linked to the previous dominant celestial planets, Jupiter and Saturn, their blood lines were around before the cataclysm and their blood lines and re-incarnating spirits descend to this day and for sake of argument they are at a much higher level of spiritual enlightenment and development. The second later iteration (Adamic) created by Jehovah to praise him and to toil/work the land – a slave race with a living soul – not an immortal soul like like the Pre-adamics, is energetically linked to Jehovah (the Trickster god) and the time before the axial tilt.

This concept is supported in the gnostic texts which describe three types of people and their spiritual or soul states.

  • Hylics – (Adamics) lowest order of the three types of human, material beings in a material world, no eternal soul, no concept of spiritual matters or higher realms. animal like
  • Psychics – “soulful”, partially initiated. Matter-dwelling spirits, they are here to learn lessons, to grow their spirit, they have a soul but need to raise their consciousness, can easily get lost in the material pleasure of the world.
  • Pneumatics– “spiritual”, fully initiated, immaterial souls, they “know” of the higher realms, are often guides, helpers, watchers for Psychics,

Jesus’s birth from the new Solar God and his subsequent death is a ransom to free the Adamic / Hylics from there salve like bondage to Jehovah, and to birth a new race of solar people (Psychics) that have a new stronger (not fallen) energetic / conscious link to the new Sun and solar system. But the new solar man (psychic) still has a animal nature, that he must conquer before the Christ consciousness is evolved enough to be on a level closer to the spiritually developed Pneumatics, until that time, they live and socialise separately There’s no room in the Inn for these people.

Born among the animals

The Sun of man, the solar child has a long way to go in his soul evolution. The image of man, the human design, the phi ratio of the human body is set by the spiralling of the earth, around and behind the Sun as it traverses the spiral arm of the galaxy, the relative gravity only allows so much height, weight, strength ratio. The body is the same for the Hylic as the Psychic, pre-admic and adamic alike, in that sense they are brothers physically but not consciously or spiritually.

It is with this birth of the saviour that gives hope to the Hylic, that through the Christ Consciousness, he has been given the opportunity to raise his awareness, to reveal the divine spark in his consciousness and to develop the conditions for an eternal soul. He can now start to pull himself out of the animal nature and into the higher states of consciousness, it may take a few lifetimes but it is possible to develop from a Hylic to a Psychic.

This concept of raising ones own consciousness is an age old theme, we see it as part of the Hero’s Journey and the Path of the Fool in Tarot. On the tarot card 8 – Strength, we see the the higher consciousness angelic being is taming it’s animal nature of the lion, the Hylic and Psychic man has to develop it to the Christ consciousness or in the east its called Buddha nature to before continuing their soul evolution.

Magi from the East

The Magi could be viewed as two layers firstly. East is where the Solar sun is born anew each day, the Magi were Solar emissaries direct from the solar consciousness, emanations in bodily form that brought gifts to the new man, similar to the “watchers” and shining ones in the legends and myths that tell of them teaching the indigenous people basic civilization building skills like agriculture, animal husbandry, textiles, astronomy/calendars, after previous cataclysms. The Gifts these solar emissary bring this time build on those basics from before.

Gold – the king of metals – metallurgy, how to extract the metal, smelting mixing metals, casting and tempering metal to make it stronger.

Frankincense – the king of incense – throughout the world of magic frankincense is used to clear harmful spirits. To give this gift is to give the knowledge of working with spirits, not only to honour them but eventually to raise man’s consciousness to be able to invoke them bind them and get them to an equal footing, rather than the spirits puppeteering the man to their whim.

Myrrh – Myrrh of that age was likely a balm of sort, probably with medicinal properties – this represent medicine, healing, hygiene, plant knowledge of remedies for aliments.


The second perception layer is earth based. The Magi were from surviving cultures in the east in ancient China whose astronomy records go back to around 1500 BCE. They were practising Magicians, they would be able to conjure spirits, bind them and use what information they learn. In Vietnam the Tao temples show many symbols of the Saturn polar configuration that is based around the electric universe, so these human Magi brought the same gifts but they were working on both the local and non local scales

Gold – actual precious metal – signifies royalty

Frankincense – veneration of the dead – animism – conjuring spirits, clearing the bad archontic spirits so the ancestral spirits can be more present in the lives of the living, those spirits can help raising consciousness from Hylic to Psychic

Myrrh – in the east they still use balms (tiger, snake, leopard etc) they are a cure all and they work – I can personally attest to the effectiveness of stopping a cut from bleeding, covering the cut to allow healing, being antiseptic, keeping it clean, and they are also used as for skin rashes, dried skin, insects bites, the list goes on, this gift could have been life saving.


Symbolically shepherds and sheep are akin to the teachers and the taught, the holy man and the congregation. As the Christ was to become the sacrificial lamb of the highest god it’s a fitting metaphor.

Angels visited them and told them of the sign to look for to identify the messiah – swaddled and amongst the animals in the manger.

After the Shepard’s had accepted the message many more angels appeared saying – ”Glory to God in the highest – peace on earth and to those people who he is pleased (of good will)

Translations differ but give the impression they were referring to the highest place of God, separate to the demiurges (trickster) heaven – If you were shown a much better place than earth and told by non-material beings it was heaven you’d probably believe them, even though it was a poor copy of the “highest place” of God. The men whom he is pleased are the Psychics and Pneumatics who have discovered the kingdom of god within themselves.

The holy men (shepherds) go look, they see the sign (they have eyes to see) pronounce what they have been told by the angelic beings and everyone marvelled at what they said.

So again we see a message from the highest being preached, Mary who now is in the special mother-baby bond, kept the words told safe and pondered on them, she has been brought into the Christ conscious awareness, in a mother-baby bond she and the baby are of one mind and can reflected upon the words with a new perspective. The Greek word used for ponder is symballousa – she could now think symbolically, maybe symbolic thinking was was not amongst the animal nature people the Christ came to redeem, symbolic thinking is part of the Christ consciousness and a first step to evolving their own Self.

The bible can be read on many levels, these reflect the many levels of conscious awareness people are at. As the Christ story progresses in the bible it demonstrates man can overcome his animal nature and develop his consciousness to be Christ like. They can find their inner kingdom, feel the inner peace as they demonstrate good will towards those still walking the path to their own inner kingdom.

Jehovah’s Not Keen On All This Demi-Urge Branding.


Jehovah has gotten a bad reputation recently what with the resurgence of the gnostic world view that he, Jehovah – is a false god, the demi-urge, a jealous god, the imposter god taking credit for the entire creation, universe and all, not worth of any praise but rather should be the target of our scorn, he was the one who imprisoned our spirit, soul, mind and body and sent our consciousness’s evolution back into the monkey mind

His traditional source of worship are drying up, think of the Catholic Pedo scandals, Muslim extremists even the Watchtower Society (JWs) has been getting into hot water.

The other night via ritual, meditation and some THC Jehovah said unto me..

“WTF guys, I’m not that bad!! All this inflation to be the highest high is mans’ own interpretation, big-ing me up like ‘my dads bigger than your dad’ in the school yard that’s got a bit too tetchy now there’s weapons of mass destruction involved. We all need to relax a bit, share tea, breath calmly and deeply and take a new view of things.”

By Jove! I was then reminded that Jupiter – the grand-daddy planet of renown, the big ol’ protector of the solar system, the one who takes the big hits from incoming extinction level rocks hurtling around outer space is know as Jehovah.

Jupiter, so long ago that so many ‘people’ have forgotten, was the power behind the old sun Saturn and the Golden Age. I’m pretty sure sentient mammals like whales, dolphins elephants and orangutans haven’t forgotten but they don’t have smart phones, rush hour traffic and Porn-hub.

Jehovah – Jah, is only one of the many names and facets of Jupiter, there’s also Zeus, Titan, Osiris, Ham, King David, Jesus, Yahweh, Adonai, Saint Peter, Buddha, Aten (Aden or Adon), Dan, Odin (Woden), Marduk, and Jedi (Jeudi or Djedi) (may the force be with you!)


Then Jah said unto me..

OK lets get the record straight, I’m not the creator of the universe, I’m not the highest of the high, I never claimed to be but yes, I went along with most of the praise and adulation’s, once that wave was rolling it was better to let it roll out its energy than push back the tide.

I did create a race of people from the dirt, but it was with good reason, the bunch pre-adamic lazy layabouts would still be “just surviving” not inventing and building stuff. My people get things done, and back on track after the cataclysms that sent y’all back to the second style of arrow heads – jeez that took millions of years to get out of the fist style and I was working to a tight schedule. But look at you now.. yes literally you can now self reflect, well most of you. How much you’ve grown it warms my inner core. (planets don’t have hearts)

Jupiter has just moved into water based constellation – Sagittarius from November 2018 till the end of 2019. Sagittarius is home like to Jupiter and the calm waters might help him reflect on the past few thousand years.


And Jove let me hear and see some of his reflections…

Yeah all those thunderbolts lightening  during the cataclysms were necessary to protect the newly emerging solar system, bring it into stability, while I re-positioned ready to sweep up the rocks and stuff that hurtle around my backyard.

Imagine a father bringing up his kids, taking the blows, shielding them from the big nasty stuff, for the kids to start dissing him, calling him names like petulant teenagers slamming doors screaming your not my father! That’s how it is with all this demi-urge, imposter god stuff to me. It starts to grate, gets under my clouds (I don’t have skin) Now I’m at home in Sagittarius it’s easier for me to show you how life can be so much better when daddy’s home, when he’s remembered, when he’s appreciated for the things he does, when Dad gets some loving attention, some thanks, some praise it gets returned in due measure.


I went through the cussing the demi-urge stage, (consciousness growing pains) I didn’t appreciate the bigger picture, after this mini revelation and bringing together Jupiter and Jehovah as two sides to one coin, I’m adjusting my perceptions and praise, there’s still lots to learn and appreciate but with a better balanced world view, what the world reflects back to me will also be balanced and appreciative.

Jupiter deserves much respect, Jehovah is a facet of Jupiter, a secondary god but still a creative & protective force, a planetary Archon. We should appreciate and praise him for the good things and tone down the bile and vitriol about the demi-urge and secondary god for the time being. Give him a chance at redemption.

Pre-Adamic & Adamic Origins

There’s been discussions on why there are two creation narratives in the Bible. I suggest this is evidence of a prior pre-adamic race/civilisation before it’s destruction and the modern adamic race made to “illuminate” it’s maker Jehovah.

The Nag Hammadi codices and some passages in the Bible supports the existence of a primordial people. The creation myth in the Bible talks of the earth transforming from a dark lifeless rock into a garden like paradise filled with a balance of nature including all animals species and humans within a 6 day period. ‘Day’ is to be taken as a period of time each process took, it could be millennia it could be eons, the specifics are not critical in this context. The overall sequence matches logical steps from a lifeless rock to complex life, in comparison to current understanding it’s more accurate than other creations myths of similar age like the churning of the milk sea by Naga the snake.


The God above gods

Elohim is the Hebrew term used for the creative force in the first part of the creation myth up to Genesis 2:4 where it switches to “Lord God” or Jehovah God. Therefore the Bible does document the difference in the formation of life on earth and the formation of the latest iteration of civilization

Names of God Bible (NOG)  -Genesis 1: In the beginning Elohim created heaven and earth. 

24 Then Elohim said, “Let the earth produce every type of living creature: every type of domestic animal, crawling animal, and wild animal.” And so it was. 25 Elohim made every type of wild animal, every type of domestic animal, and every type of creature that crawls on the ground. Elohim saw that they were good.

26 Then Elohim said, “Let us make humans in our image, in our likeness. Let them rule the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the domestic animals all over the earth, and all the animals that crawl on the earth.”

27 So Elohim created humans in his image. In the image of Elohim he created them. He created them male and female. 28 Elohim blessed them and said, “Be fertile, increase in number, fill the earth, and be its master. Rule the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that crawl on the earth.”

Elohim is plural – also note the “Let us” in vr 26 – In this context Elohim is reference to the unknowable creative force, the All, the One, the power over the lower gods. The God above gods.

The key point is that the Elohim created man and woman as part of the original (6 day) planetary creation. The 6th day man and woman are called pre-adamic in many places and they will be hereon-in.

The Golden Age

Imagine if you will the 7th day of rest in Genesis 2:3 was a culmination of all the legends of the golden ages in a paradise like garden that we read of in the Hindu Yuga cycles and Greek legends.

There’s a very long time and a lot going on between Gen 2:3 and Gen 2:4, but as we know history is written and edited by the winners who mean to control the narrative and the populace, there was no need to explain or expand upon the golden age for the newly remodeled adamic man – the followers of the first books of the bible.

The Golden age ended after a series of cataclysms.

On the balance of probabilities the Saturn Theory along with legends of Venus being a fierce comet is the most likely candidate that is able to cover the legends of the Golden Age, subsequent cataclysms and has scientific credibility and a variety of records. (albeit some in rock art)

The Thunderbolts project does a great job of detailing the world wide common themes of the separation of Heaven from earth, cataclysms from falling skies and ultimately the fall of Pre-adamic man from life in a garden like paradise wanting for nothing to subsistence survival in a new much harsher environment. It describes how the earth (with pre-adamic man on it) moved out of the polar configuration and protective glow of the Saturnian magnetosphere into it’s new, current position in the solar system where inorganic plasma energy entities (Archons) reside and were now able to access the planet and the life that lived on it.

Enter The Imposter

Genesis 2:4 continues with the first appearance of Jehovah (“YHWH” Yahweh, Yaldeboath) whatever label you want but ‘he’ is the demiurge, the impostor, the chief Archon.

This is the account of heaven and earth when they were created, at the time when Yahweh Elohim made earth and heaven.

Once again we see a difference with created in the first half and when Jehovah made. Think of it as a a Lego house, the manufacturer created the bricks by mixing the chemicals, heat treating and moulding them, then you come along and assemble them into the house, bridge, car, digger and claim you made them.

5 Wild bushes and plants were not on the earth yet because Yahweh Elohim hadn’t sent rain on the earth. Also, there was no one to farm the land. 6 Instead, underground water would come up from the earth and water the entire surface of the ground. 7 Then Yahweh Elohim formed the man from the dust of the earth[a] and blew the breath of life into his nostrils. The man became a living being. NOG

American Standard Version Bible gives us similar.

These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that Jehovah God made earth and heaven. And no plant of the field was yet in the earth, and no herb of the field had yet sprung up; for Jehovah God had not caused it to rain upon the earth: and there was not a man to till the ground; but there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground. And Jehovah God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

There were no workers to develop the land, Pre-adamic man had a subsistence type of living and somewhat of an immunity to the mind machinations of the Archons. This is reflected today in indigenous cultures who follow the natural cycles of the earth, before “Empire” takes their land destroys their culture and does its best at killing them off and intoxicating whomever remain.

A parallel account in The Secret Book of John says

Yaldabaoth said to his subordinate demons: Let’s create a man according to the image of God, And our own likeness. So that his image will illuminate us.” They made a creature of substance, In the likeness of that perfect First Man

And they said, “Let us call him Adam, so that his name will give us the power of light.

Then it goes on to say

All of Yaldabaoth’s servants and his demons. Worked to finish the psychic body. For a very long time it lay inanimate, It did not move. They told Yaldabaoth: Blow some of your Spirit in the man’s face, Then his body will rise up.” Yaldabaoth blew some of his Spirit into the man.

That Spirit was the divine Power of his mother.  His mother’s divine Power left Yaldabaoth It entered the psychic human body Modeled on the primordial image.

The human body moved! It grew powerful! It shone!

To summarize the Chief Archon – Jehovah – saw there were people but none that would do their bidding or illuminate them, this is generally taken as worship but can also be taken as, for them to incarnate within and indulge in earthly material pleasures. (see also the legends of the Nephilim)

Yaledeboath and his cohorts made Adamic man as an indentured servant by copying the perfect First Man but it remained lifeless only being animated after Jehovah gave it the “breath of life” for it to become a living soul (note it’s described as living therefore it means it can die) this power came from Jehovah’s mother/creator later on identified as Sophia.

Pre-adamic and the servant class Adamic man are the same on a material level, they differ on the immaterial level. Pre-Adamic are endowed with a divine spirit from source (perfect, whole) and Adamics are only animated by a living soul.

The soul given to Adamic man was from a place higher in the pecking order than all the Archons put together – being a jealous god Jehovah dashed all men adamic and pre-adamic to the lowest realms so Jehovah could sit atop the lowly perch like a child with a magnifying glass scorching the anthill.

Yaldabaoth’s demonic forces envied the man. Through their united efforts he had come into being. They had given their Power to him. His understanding was far greater than that of those who had created him. And greater than that of the Chief Ruler himself.

When they realized that he shone with light. And could think better than they could. And was naked of evil, They took him and cast him down. Into the lowest depths of the material world.     SBJ

It is not the material physical earth Jehovah created, rather it is the layer upon it, the  materialistic world wide empirical civilization that makes confused indentured debt slaves of the populace forever toiling to keep the wolves from the door and thus not having time effort or will to be able to germinate the divine seed that’s within themselves. Carl Jung would call this the individuation process.


After millennia of mixing in the muddy waters of the current materialistic paradigm, people with Pre-Adamic lineage and those with Adamic are materially indistinguishable. Germinating the divine spirit that lies within is the only means to remove the veil of confusion and distinguish oneself apart from the system of control.

The false reality layer that includes fiat currency, indoctrination schooling, debt servitude, entertainment, and theological systems of distraction and control is the attempt of the demiurge to copy the high civilizations of the past, all the while claiming that we are experiencing the very pinnacle of human endevour, and if you don’t go along with it, the demiurge and the system of control has been more than willing to kill and  genocide anyone or thing that questions them.

I’m so uncomfortable I can’t speak

There are many and varied beggars here in Sihanoukville.

What I found most interesting is the people’s (beggee’s?) reactions their uncomfortable shuffling in seats, silence, stares and quiet muttering between themselves when the unfortunate soul stands close and looks in their direction.

Firstly I have no problem saying no, holding up my hand, even waving then away if I find the begging to be overtly intrusive, unwarranted (sharply dressed and just looking for a handout) or organised (a affluent mother sending a dishevelled child out). I have no problem giving money, food, conversation to those I feel sympathy or empathy with.

There other day I was eating and a beggar dragged his legless body down the street, his arse stumps wrapped in some old inner tube or tyre for protection against the rough broken uneven and stony bit of road that passes for pavement, using old flip flops as protection for his hands, from there he tries to catch the eye of whomever and beg, hands clasped doe eyed.

The group of 8 or 9 westerners hushed their conversation to mutters and stares between them, no one dared speak up, no one dared say no, no one thought to offer the uneaten spare food, no one dared suggest the group collect their pennies to give. The 100 riel note is worth 2 UK pence.

Another couple just didn’t look, didn’t speak to each other probably held their collective breath until he’d gone.

In places you often get the drunk smelly beggar, the child sent out by a mother, and a few other types who don’t garner much sympathy but this guy wasn’t one of them.

I was sat further back and yes I’m guilty of avoiding eye contact and let him pass.
The relief of the stunned westerns as he left them was clear and made my heart sink I could really see he genuinely had it very very tough.

I paid for my meal but couldn’t see him down the street I got on my Moto and drove off slowly and found him doing the same to another couple at the nearby pizza restaurant, and saw the same uncomfortableness in the couple eating their food.

I didn’t give him much just a few of those penny bank notes, quickly placed in his hand and back to my bike and only saw his beaming face when I was setting off and resolved to give whatever penny notes I had to those with tough tough lives.

Although now I’ve written this it does feel like self praise, but it was intended to highlight the disparity from east to west and aimed at those in comfortable lives to stop their automatic blind eye but to just say no rather than ignore, is it that hard or is it too embarrassing to the sensibilities to acknowledge them even if it’s to say no?

Samsara and the Electric Universe

Samsara is a great film. Beautiful cinematography overlayed with mystical music, it allows you to choose your own interpretations of what you’ve just seen without some of the Hollywood agendas I’ve been used to over the years.

Obviously our own interpretations are based on our knowledge and experiences and after learning about the electric universe there were a couple of scenes that struck me.

If you’re not aware of the electric universe try these films

Ok I appreciate watching a couple of hours might be a bit much to ask at the moment. So briefly the main point from the EU theory in relation to this post is:-

Space is full of electromagnetic energy, if planetary bodies move close to each other, they sort of build a static charge which will discharge like a huge spark or lightning bolt between the two. You might have seen something similar on a smaller scale coming out of the end of your finger, if you’ve been walking around on a nylon carpet and touch and earthed item.

finger zap


These guys give a much more in depth explanation.

After the opening sequence of Samsara we see a Tibetan Mandala being created, these are representative of the creation of the heavens and earth, our planet our solar system and in contrast the start of our journey with the film.

We journey onwards taking in some of the delights of the film and some of the unpleasantness of our civilisation.

But please watch the whole film for yourselves and make your own mind up.

As the journey with the film nears the end we’re shown the symbolical end of the heavens and earth (as they were know)with the destruction of the sand mandala. It is supposed to show the temporary nature to our short lives but I saw a deeper meaning.

Yes, it does show our temporary nature but the ceremony indicates how this destruction came about, you’ll see the monk in yellow on the right using a Thunderbolt or Vajra like the one below

Vajra – the thunderbolt of irresistible force


Very similar to Zeus (Saturn) and his thunderbolts




This matches with the electric universe model of cosmic upheaval. And with the global legends of Saturn being our original sun.

The earth and and whatever civilisation was around during this time, saw huge thunderbolts discharge from the sky destroying life, causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and total destruction. There must have been some survivors who have passed this knowledge down via myth and legends and in the ceremonies like the one we’ve just seen with the mandalas.

Now with the EU model and the Saturn Theory we have a better understanding of the mechanisms that caused these thunderbolts, but it leaves the question of when did it happen.